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Jan 27, 2013 6:00am PST
quote and winter seems so far away. what does a lei symbolize? what does it mean? >> in hawaii we have a thing
FOX News
Jan 12, 2013 1:00am PST
recliner? >> no, i'm not. >> some officials in hawaii angry with me for reporting on how liberal the aloha state really is we will talk with a congresswoman from honolulu. >> obama never promised women would have seats of significance at the table of power. he just promised that they would have contraceptives and free abortions. >> bill: mike huckabee and some liberals like charles rangel furious with president obama for not hiring nor women in his second term. laura ingraham on that. >> we got to deal with this as a family. together. no matter how it effects anybody financially wise, whatever. >> "time" magazine trying to make new jersey governor chris christie look like a mob boss? >> make him look like tony soprano. i can't wait for that to come home for my kids to see it. >> get to the bottom of that. >> where is dumb dumb? >> bill: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the unintended consequences of a liberal america. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. if yo
Jan 12, 2013 6:00am PST
this past summer in hawaii as part of rim of pacific exercise which involved 22 participating nations and this offered us a venue to be able to conduct a humanitarian and disaster relief exercise with all the different partners that we had together and collaborating with this exercise, this offered a perfect opportunity for us to introduce the military capabilities and interaction in exchange with our civil military partners as well. the exercise was located on oh oahu we had used that island as a fictitious island of chianti where we wanted to do a humanitarian response but it also provided us an avenue for the state-wide partners, the civil hawaiian partners, to be able to exercise their exercise as well. this exercise also allowed us the opportunity to intro daus a lot of technology to help with the interoperatability of the civil military exercise. one of the main goals that we had for this was to allow our military a crisis response adaptive force package and opportunity to allow their training and certification in providing the most appropriate military expeditionary force for
FOX News
Jan 3, 2013 5:00pm PST
will blow $7 million of the taxpayer's money or whatever it is costing in hawaii. everyone else should sacrifice except them. it's typical and why people are sick of politicians. >> bill: you don't think gore is a little hypocrite he is a giant hypocrite. >> it is what is. am i surprised? no. it's not going to get all that much coverage the oil aspect on some of our other cable networks. >> it's al gore. if you did it or a conservative or i did it would be all over the place. it's black out city. amnesty play? what is it going to be? >> we know from just the last 24 hours, bill, where the president tweaked the rules, applying to illegal immigrants currently here who now don't have to go home and leave the country and reapply for visas and barred from coming back 3 to 10 years. that rule is basically done away with by the stroke of a pen a rule making by this president. executive fiat. >> he did it very secretly and got on the plane in hawaii. >> late at night. several hundred thousand people are now going to be added to the 1.2 million dreamers, the younger people who can stay here. he
Jan 21, 2013 8:30am EST
. he traveled around the world in the his research including trips to to kenya, indonesia, hawaii, kansas and chicago. booktv documented the kenya trip with the author. next, david maraniss sits down with booktv to discuss his book. we show you extensive video from his trips throughout the program. this portion of the program is about an hour and a half. >> author david maraniss has been researching and writing his tenth book, "barack obama: the story." for this project "the washington post" associate editor and pulitzer prize winner traveled across the world to kansas, indonesia, kenya, hawaii, new york and chicago. david maraniss spoke with relatives of president obama in kenya and discovered the president's african ancestral history. he toured the houses where young barack obama lived in indonesia and found the kansas family homes and sites where his mother's family began. and for the next few hours, david maraniss joins booktv to discuss his latest book "barack obama: the story." and then to take your calls, e-mails and tweets. >> host: david maraniss, you write in "barack oba
Jan 13, 2013 1:00pm EST
door of the statehouse in the state of hawaii. hawaii was spending about a half a billion dollars a year on special education. a pot of that was sub si ciezed -- subsidized by the federal government under the individuals with disabilities act. the rest was being paid for by the taxpayers of hawaii. and we had been there for about two years to see whether the of half a billion dollars was actually helping special education children. and we had gone through 500 files, and we had discovered almost no help. lot of services were being provided, lots of money was being diverted in inappropriate ways. the commissioner of education for the state of hawaii had given a $250,000 grant to someone on the big island to run a special education program. her last job was rules la dancer -- hula dancer. that seemed a little bit odd at face value, and it turned out, not surprisingly, she was having a sexual relationship with the commissioner. people giving $30, $40, $50,000 grants for horseback riding, and i wouldn't have written the book if i thought that was an isolated candidate case. but i had b
Jan 5, 2013 5:30am PST
and that also showed a great partnership. this is the health care association for hawaii and this is the part of the agency that helped us coordinate the medical response part of this. they were able to conduct a 50-bed disaster medical assistance team hospital on the island of oahu and this allowed the state of hawaii to be able to exercise their state-wide disaster drill. one of the things that hawaii has never been able to do is to be able to practice together in one live exercise. they have all of their processes, how they're going to respond in a local disaster situation, but they have never been able to really put that to use. and being able to partner with us during the rimpac exercise offered them the opportunity to do that. we also had a lot of civil military interaction by us providing a lot of capability for them to be able to exercise their disaster plan as well. you see some patients here in the moulage. they were able to moulage and fake wounds and put triage information on over 125 casualty actor patients. and we were able to triage them tlau that 50-bed hospital system in
Jan 21, 2013 8:30pm EST
research including trips to kenya and in asia hawaii in chicago. booktv documented the kenya trip with the author. next david maraniss set down with booktv to discuss his book. we will show the extensive video from his trips throughout the program. this program is about an hour and a half. author david maraniss researching and writing his tenth book "barack obama: the story." for this project at the turn pulitzer prize winner traveled across the world to kansas in tunisia kenya hawaii new york and chicago. david maraniss spoke with relatives of president of president obama in kenya and discover the president african ancestral history. he toured toured the houses were young barack obama lived in indonesia and found the kansas family home where his mother's family began. and for the next few hours david maraniss joint booktv joined booktv to discuss his latest book "barack obama: the story." we will take your calls e-mails andta tweets. >> host: david maraniss you write in "barack obama: theth story" that no life could've been more the product ofs randomness than that of baracks oba
Comedy Central
Jan 8, 2013 10:30am PST
bear was discussing obama's home state of hawaii, aloha zone. he made this astute observation. >> i have to say hawaii is one of my favorite places in the world. a lot of social problems because they don't enforce the drug laws. you know what is shock 35% of the hawaiian population is asian. asian people are not liberal by nature. they are usually more indust industrious and hard working. >> stephen: leave it to liberal media to twist that to racism. he was not being racist. he was painting an entire race with one brush. speaking of which vietnamese, great painters. did my entire garage in an afternoon. didn't use scaffolding. they hung from vines. [ laughter ] no one in the media-escape frothed harder than msnbc host and talking block of smoked gou, da. jim? >> guy who tells us he was not a racist proved himself wrong again. he was spouting off against hawaii. the congresswoman issued this statement leave it to bill o'reilly to thoughtlessly insult 1.3 million people with unsweeping misstatement. >> stephen: 1.3 million asians. you know that number is accurate because they are good
Jan 16, 2013 11:00pm PST
everybody wondering, was teo the victim of a hoax, or was he the guy who created it? i grew up in hawaii and talked to a bunch of friends. some know manti and here is what they told me. manti is a deeply religious young man and committed to his faith. he is not the type of guy who would orchestrate a scheme like this or be involved in it in anyway. i am told teo's father started to get suspicious about this girlfriend business because every time the family tried to set up a meeting with her, the girl would make excuses, and then she wouldn't show up. if teo is guilty of anything, maybe it is that he was extremely naive. i know some of the crit -- critics think it was a hoax concocted to generate publicity for manti and a heisman, but keep in mind the whole girlfriend fake death occurred in september. that's long before anybody imagined notre dame going undefeated or playing for the national championship. and nobody envisioned teo as a heisman contender at that point. it wasn't on the radar. so there doesn't seem to be much motive. teo is in florida you and working out in preparation for
FOX News
Jan 17, 2013 2:00pm PST
: his father said she visited him in hawaii. so she didn't exist. second, finalist for heisman trophy. the father backed up the story. it's all about trying to get sympathy to get the heisman trophy. that's as simple as that. i hate to say it. some woman was in hawaii and the father said they were there together. who are you going to believe? >> eric: a little different tact along the same vein. there is this catfishing we'll get in to. a good chance he was victim of catfishing, internet hoax. but at some point he had to know it was a hoax because he started to perpetuate the lies that could haven't happened. she could haven't be on her death bed or pronounced dead and the father couldn't have seen them together. it's likely you are right that notre dame has had a tough couple of years in football, they are coming back. he is in the middle of this. he is a hero. he is a hero and playing for the national championship title and he is runner-up or going to be potentially the heisman trophy winner. once he realized it was a hoax, i think he played it. he had to run with it because he didn
Jan 5, 2013 3:55pm EST
. the second session was given the contradictions into which he was born, a biracial kid in hawaii in 1961, how did he do with? how did you figure himself out? how did he get to the resource possible to become president of the united states. it's really those obsessions that drove me through this book. i have sort of a mantra that i start every book with and that is go there, wherever there is. so i biography of some birdies at turning to my wonderful wife in entering the immortal words, how would you like to go to green bay for the winter? [laughter] to which she responded, her. but we did in the middle all the difference. to soak up a place in writing does things that don't even show up on the page, the sort of infuse the writing of this since you can't get any other way. since the time in 1996 and added those words, i did making it up to her ever since. how would you like to move to san juan puerto rico were too wrong to learn about the world of the 1960 olympics? this book more than any other really did take me around the world and a wonderful way, both of us. for the purposes of this discu
Jan 2, 2013 4:30am EST
obama now on his way back to hawaii to resume his vacation with his family. good morning. it is 4:30. thank you for joining us. >> we are glad to have you with us on this wednesday and in this new year of 2013. let's check in with jackie. >> it will not be a bad day overall. starting out on the ugly side of things will improve as we progress especially into the afternoon. a bit of cloud cover. just a smidge fof a wintry mix. that will be short-lived. it will be out of here by late morning. temperature wise, not as bad -- not a bad start here. almost everybody above freezing. 32 at it as brick and frigid. 35 at dulles. 38 in washington. highs in the upper 30's and low 40's. we are going to head to traffic. >> good morning. it feels like money mining -- monday morning. no major problems around the region. maryland virginia, and the district. no road work on the beltway. no problems for the entire beltway to report. i-95 -- regina heading north coming out of stafford, what bridge over occoquan, lanes are wide open. heading across the 14th street bridge. back to you. >> thank you. our
FOX News
Jan 2, 2013 12:00pm PST
lawmakers have reached a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff, president obama has returned to hawaii. that is costing taxpayers $3 million so he can finish the holiday break. he thanked congress for coming together and keeping taxes from going up on most americans and delaying the deep spending cuts. we could be in for another battle over the budget in two months when the same cuts are set to kick in again. that is not our only deadline. ed henry is live at the white house. you decided not to go to hawaii? bad choice. talk about the fine print of all of this. >>reporter: it is chilly in washington, dc, and folks around the country could feel colder about the deal as they look at fine print. the president got a campaign-style video out there today with the president selling this not just as a victory for him but for the american people. for him in the sense that he pushed for higher taxes in the campaign and won that and got what he wanted but in the fine print you talk to the tax policy center, a nonpartisan group that the president cite add lot in the campaign, they say the middle c
Jan 2, 2013 6:00am PST
're following this morning. president barack obama heads back to hawaii. the house approved a measure passed by the senate that keeps the country from going over the fiscal cliff. we will have details coming up. >> the bay area is waking up to cold temperatures this morning. we will have team coverage all around the bay area this morning. >> we are at 28 degrees and san rafael. we have been around this number for the past hour. we did start out at 26 degrees. we did he go for about two degrees. a lot of people are headed back to work this morning and that will have to use their ice scrapers. the offer is one in that you talked about as an affect on tel 9:00 a.m.. >> you will need your scarf and some hot cocoa. there is no wood and burning allowed today. we are at 27 degrees in fairfield. we are same low 40's for the east shore line. redwood city is waking up to temperatures of the upper 30's. we do have winter weather advisories through 9:00 a.m.. as we head into afternoon the temperatures will be a little bit warmer that yesterday. i will break down the numbers and talk about the extended f
Jan 28, 2013 6:18pm EST
último duelo de pro bowl en la nfl, derrotándolos por marcador apabullante de 62-35 desde hawaii. en la última participación sobre el campo antes del super bowl, los estelares de la nfc, que presentaban en su alineación a drew brees, eli manning y russell wilson en controles, abultaron el marcador desde los últimos momentos del segundo cuarto y hasta que finalizó el encuentro. los 49ers de san francisco actuarán técnicamente como equipo local durante el super bowl xlvii, por ello, tuvo mucho sentido que arribaran primero antes que los ravens de baltimore. ayer a las 6.56 de la tarde llegaron a new orleans. jugadores, staff y familiares desembarcaron para la semana de preparación rumbo al partido por el trofeo lombardi el próximo domingo 3 de febrero. este el primer viaje de los 49ers al super bowl en 18 años. el primer grans slam del aÑo en el tenis ya tiene a su reyna y a su rey. la tenista bielorrusa victoria azarenka revalidÓ su ti Ítulo en el abierto de australia al derrotar a la china li na en tres sets 4-6, 6-4 y 6-3 en una final intensa y dramÁtica disputada en melb
Jan 26, 2013 10:00am EST
, yeah, sure, what do you want? the u.s. virgin islands? how about hawaii? yeah, hawaii sounds great. so they went to the university of hawaii and contacted with president of the university of hawaii, said we want to start this pilot program to grow coca leaf on u.s. soil. we've worked out all the legalities even though it's technically not legal, this is a matter of, you know, scientific research. the president of the university of hawaii said, well, that's great, but, you know, we can't keep it secret, we can't take the coca-cola name off the project. we're, you know, a public university, and so, um, unless it was a matter of national security or something. and so the federal bureau of narcotics was, yeah, it's a matter of national security. [laughter] so they're like, oh, okay, sure. it's a secret now. so, basically, this project went on. it started in 1964, and it went on until 1984. they were growing coca at the university of hawaii. the funny part about this and why i bring this up is what ended up happening was the coca didn't actually grow very well. in fact, most of it died. so
Jan 4, 2013 3:00pm PST
enjoying his few vacation days in hawaii over the past year. and if anyone deserves some r&r, it's him. but some right wingers just won't give him a break. >> obama went back to hawaii to finish the vacation. that's another slap in the face, by the way. gets back on air force one. didn't even say, you know what, obama used the autopen in the white house to sign the legislation. >> the president of the united states is back on vacation in hawaii. meanwhile, just miles from where we're sitting, there are tens of thousands of people whose houses were destroyed by sandy. >> oloha and mahala, right? >> our commander in chief has since returned to his wonderful vacation in hawaii once again showing us that he simply does not have your best interest in mind. >> this is ridiculous. conservatives don't like what he does when he's working. but they also don't like what he does when he's not working. they don't like the fiscal cliff bill, but they also don't like how he signs the bill. after the big loss in the election, the gop should be trying to move ahead. instead, they're being distracted by
Jan 18, 2013 5:00pm PST
is here. >> i'm excited. i was up checking the buoys this morning and this swell has hit hawaii. and that means it's on its way here. we are really stoked and a lot of people are coming into town today. >> to watch 24 of the best big wave surfs compete here for the first same since 2010. >> the wave lbs powerful, the waves are coming from further away so the energy in the swell will be ferocious. >> an estimated 40,000 people will pack into the coastal town, the ocean hotel is booked solid, a wedding, viewing for the mavericks festival outside and viewing for the 49ers game inside. >> there will be food and drinks and everything is available to watch on the gem bow tron. >> is it exciting to have it back? >> it is. it's is sad that it was not here for the last couple of years. >> the public is being kept off the coastline, roads will be closed but with the cameras on the boards, the view will be great. >> it's a beautiful thing when mavericks comes to town. it's nature at its best, it's the world's best athletes putting their skills to the test. gli spoke with the director of th
Jan 21, 2013 6:00am PST
group. they look warm. they're all gear eed up. you're from honolulu, hawaii. you have a special alumni. >> we're from president barack obama's alma mater. >> reporter: the secret to staying warm out here. one thing, hand warmers. we are living on these things out here today. it's going to be a really good day. they're going to have a lot of fun from here, as they head over on the giant buses you see here. this group is so large, they're filling up three of the buses. and they're going to head down on the parade march, a mile or so from the capitol, to the white house. and saying hello to one hawaiian, they know and love. >> they don't have use for the warm-up suits in hawaii. >>> let's go to david muir right now. he's at the capitol, right on the steps, where so many are gathering today. >> reporter: right in the shadow of the steps. the scene around me. this is where the president will be today. you see the crowd here. you guys are on "good morning america" right now, if you want to say good morning to the country. they've been here since early this morning, many of them lining up aro
Jan 3, 2013 12:00pm PST
-ever hindu member of congress of hawaii was sworn in using the bagava gita instead of the holy bible. she grew up in hawaii and is a military veteran. she says she is a nonpracticing buddhist. she succeeds a retiring senator. >>> a long-time bay area ceo is retiring. steve bird has been in the business for more than 20 years at safe way. he is known for improving the pleasanton-based company's brand and taking a national role in healthcare reform. safeway chain which has stores across the country will be searching for a successor both internally and externally. >> and we have got a lot more ahead including a pretty amazing discovery in san francisco. >> he is the first maybe only river otter in san francisco in decades. meet the newest resident coming up. >> and the world watches as a pair of bald eagle babies make their way into the world we felt a live nest cam, there it is, and it's coming up. >> hi, i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the cbs 5 weather center. we started out with a big chill this morning. it's starting to thaw out. we are headed back to the deep freeze. we'll talk ab
Jan 2, 2013 2:00am PST
this very moment headed back to hawaii to rejoin his family on vacation. if you're wondering what it cost to ply air force one from andrews air force base to hawaii one way, the answer, $1.8 million. that's your morning dish of scrambled politics. >>> now it's back to work and back to school for millions of us across the country. let me get you up the date and out the door with the weather forecast it was cold over the holiday yesterday it remains that way in many spots. very cold. one of the coldest mornings we've seen in areas yet like boston, with a windchill of 5. not much better from chicago to the plains. there's not much rain or snow out there. it's a quiet day. only a little bit of rainfall headed up through the carolinas. we got soaked yesterday northern alabama, mississippi, tennessee. it will be much better today. still cloudy, but at least to the rainy and wet. no big winter storms for the first time in a while that will be headed across this nation. we will be relatively storm-free heading into the upcoming weekend. if you're in virginia beach down to beautiful portions of th
Jan 15, 2013 6:00pm PST
we've seen in a long time are going to show up along the coast. the surf contests. some in hawaii and one over here. they're trying to decide what they're going to do. the high pressure with the winds going offshore, that's perfect conditions for mavericks. the swells are going to be here. maybe the hawaii contest wants to go first. there's a lot going on with that. the big swells and they're dangerous. the weather is nice. you go to the beach and get out there and the rip tides are going to be nasty. dangerous conditions start on saturday afternoon into sunday and monday. forecast highs tomorrow. lots of upper 50s. good thing we got so much rain early on. there's nothing here. >> looks like a dry run for a while. >> yeah. >> thanks, bill. >> coming up at 7 on tv 3 of, the heart wrenching aftermath of a shooting where a police officer died in the line of duty. we're learning more about his background. >> it reads san francisco international airport now. some supervisors want to change the name. the person they say they want to honor and what passengers think about the idea. >> joi
Jan 2, 2013 2:00pm PST
in hawaii. -- grew up in hawaii. it makes him an honorary asian- american. he is the first asian-american president as well. tonight's events would not be possible without our community partners. a group that helped make all this happened, i am going to read them all. the asian business alliance, asian law alliance, the asian pacific american leadership institute, chinese-american cultural association, chinese american political association, citizens for better community, culture to culture, why in the chamber of commerce of northern care of -- kawai and chamber of commerce of northern california, northern california chinese athletic association, national association of american professionals, national federation of independent business, national federation of filipino americans, the filipino chamber of commerce, around of applause for all of our community partners, please. that was a lot. [applause] >> i am so glad he had to do that. our next speaker is u.s. congressmen. he is representing the 15th congressional district of california in the u.s. house of representatives. in con
Jan 2, 2013 12:00pm EST
obama landed in hawaii this morning to resume his holiday vacation. he left washington late last night after lawmakers approved a bill that prevents a middle class tax hike and delays automatic spending cuts. congress and the white house struggled to get the deal done, and neither republicans or democrats seem pleased with the outcome. >> someone stop hitting you in the head with a hammer and you're supposed to say thank you so much for the relief. >> reporter: many voters are upset it took lawmakers so long to reach a compromise. >> i think we needed a deal. i'm not necessarily all together happy. >> reporter: the measure raises taxes on families making more than $450,000 a year and extends long-term jobless benefits for a year. but the package does not include spending cuts as many republicans voted against it. >> i would like to be speaking for this bill but i can't. >> reporter: congress steered away from this fiscal cliff at the last minute, but another showdown is just around the corner. in two months the treasury will need to increase how much the country can borrow and lawmaker
Jan 4, 2013 4:00am EST
cordes, cbs news on capitol hill. >>> president obama continues his vacation in honolulu, hawaii, today. sounds good, huh? he resumes his trip after it was interrupted to return to washington for fiscal cliff talks. yesterday mr. obama took his daughters for shaved ice called island snow. the first family remains in hawaii through tomorrow. >>> coming up on your local news after "cbs morning news," former governor bill richardson on his controversial trip in north korea. i'm terrell brown on this friday morning. this is the "cbs morning news." when you have diabetes... your doctor will say get smart about your weight. i tried weight loss plans... but their shakes aren't always made for people with diabetes. that's why there's glucerna hunger smart shakes. they have carb steady, with carbs that digest slowly to help minimize blood sugar spikes. and they have six grams of sugars. with fifteen grams of protein to help manage hunger... look who's getting smart about her weight. [ male announcer ] glucerna hunger smart. a smart way to help manage hunger and diabetes. [ male announcer ] gluce
Jan 17, 2013 8:00am PST
this ball back to hawaii. >> reporter: notre dame kept the truth under wraps despite the fact that the media was still telling the story. >> from the outset, we established a parameter that this was manti's story to tell. we wanted to know what would be told and at the at the appropriate time when it would be tell but it was his to tell. >> reporter: one of the reporters that broke the hoax story doesn't think te'o's story adds up. >> te'o's story that he's completely innocent in this doesn't shake through with us. >> reporter: what is not clear, why didn't te ever mention that he had never met lennay and how they first met at a football game and if it wasn't true why didn't he correct it and how could he be so in love with someone he had never met. >> as manti tells the story, you'll see the same thing that i saw, that it does fully line up. >> reporter: well, we'll see if it fully lines up. >> sorry. we've got a delay going. i apologize. but in interviews manti said several times that he met this girl in person, his father in his interview said that she went to hawaii to spend time with hi
Jan 21, 2013 2:00pm PST
-- >> by the way, after the punahou high school marching band, we will see the hawaii home state float. >> and what did i tell you, where we going to see a volcano. there is a volcano. >> you see it already? >> it's behind us. >> there it is, the aloha state. >> on the side of that float is a quote from the late senator i inaway who recently passed away. i was observing that yesterday when i looked at these floats on the other side of the capital. it is there on the float. i would like to convey to the mainland some small sense of our spirit of aloha. >> this is the isiserettes drum corps from des moines, iowa. they trained at sidwell friends, that's where sasha and malia -- they were allowed to stay there. they came in from des moines. let's just listen in a little bit. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> following the isiserettes, the regiment. ♪ >> this is from ohio, the miami university marching band, from oxford, ohio. before that is the platoon, 3rd u. infantry regiment. this is the miami university marching band. has been an integral part of the spirit and pride of miami university and surrounding oxford, ohio
FOX News
Jan 6, 2013 8:00am PST
base. the obama family is returning to washington. mrs. obama and the girls have been in hawaii a couple of weeks. the president's gone back and forth between d.c. and hawaii because of the fiscal cliff battle. you heard senator graham talking about chuck hagel, what appears to be the nominee for defense secretary. congress has two months to fix the debt ceiling before the u.s. may have to default on its bills. so the president comes back from a nice vacation in hawaii, he comes back to big issues that they have to tackle. sequestration, the debt ceiling, spenning. he is enjoying his last few minutes here on the plane, taxiing and he will head back to the white house with his family. >> jamie: molly, thank you. >> can washington come up with a plan to raise the debt limit without burying the count country in more debt? we have a former spokesperson for former governor jeb bush. happy new year. justin, the president says there won't be any negotiating t. needs to be raised -- period. what do you think? >> i think it's remarkable. it's as if the election meant that president obama
Jan 6, 2013 4:00am PST
. >> appreciate it. >>> all right, and president obama is due back in washington today after finishing his hawaii vacation. now he faces personnel decisions. one of the first may be to nominate a former republican senator as his new defense secretary. a choice that is already under attack by some republicans, even before it has been announced. abc's david kerley joining us from the white house with all the details. >> reporter: talking about chuck hagel and we are not told whether he will be nominated. he will controversial within both parties. if you're going to make cuts there, doesn't it make sense to have a democrat to help you? one of the calculuses that the president is considering, michelle flr ochonoy. >> democrats would meet hagel, with resistance, as well. >> reporter: absolutely. the reason is that on social issues hagel is fairly conservative, but the point is he's not going to be doing social issues if he is nominated to be defense second. he's not going to run health and human services. it's the department of defense, the pentagon, but some democrats are concerned about that. republ
Jan 22, 2013 6:00am PST
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Jan 2, 2013 7:00am PST
. >> that was the president late last night. then he got on oo plane, headed back to hawaii where his family is on vacation. threw see air force i. it touched down just moments ago. >> the ayes have it. >> it was after 11 p.m. when the house finally voted, putting an end to 24 hours of wrangling. republicans threatened to send it back with an amendment, including spend being cuts. but in the end the politics of that didn't make sense. so the bill passed, 257 for, 85 republicans, 172 democrats. speaker john boehner was one of those yes votes and he released this statement: now the focus turns to spending. the american people reelected a republican majority in the house and we will use it in 2013 to hold the president accountable for the balanced approach he promised, meaning significant spend being cut and reforms to the entitlement programs that are driving our country deeper and deeper into debt. on wall street, the dow up well over 200 points. could be a record rally for the first day of the year. let me bring in our guests. good morning and happy new year. >> happy new year, chris. >> let's take a look
Jan 2, 2013 11:00am PST
closely. the fiscal cliff bill now happens in hawaii where he completes the holiday vacation he had cut short. he had a new video put up on you tube. >> thanks to so many of you. you made your voices heard. we stopped that middle class tax hike. >> the averted cliff was enough to send the stock market higher. last night's vote fell along party lines with 85 republicans voted in favor and that includes house speaker baner who split from eric kantor who voted yea. passage continues to come from both sides of the aisle. >> at the end of the day it was house democrats who fuel-injected adult supervision and a sense of compromise and solutions. it was house democrats who stopped us from going off the cliff. >> that led to the policy of where we were going to be if we didn't pass it or where we would be if we did. it was like eating a you know what sandwich to vote for this. to me it was a rite of passage to this quarter. >> chris and lois, senior political writer for politico. ladies for with you, lois. here's what they said on yesterday's vote. let's take a listen. >> there were a lot of co
Jan 5, 2013 11:00am PST
daughters. shaved ice is like water ice in hawaii and it is a local treat and he's been playing a lot of golf, basically, and also doing some work of the office of the presidency, that always travels with him. you saw him speak out about the sandy relief package. also, of course, delivered the weekly address in which he talks about the upcoming fiscal fight over the debt ceiling and drawing a hard line with congress saying he's not going to negotiate with them and house speaker john boehner drawing a hard line as well saying he'll use the debt ceiling debate to try to cut spending. so it looks like we are gearing up for another big battle, craig. this vacation will not last very long. >> kristen welker with a whole lot of day left in hawaii. i expect you have plans as well. good luck, kristen. >> thanks, craig. >> out with the old and in with the new. we're not just talking about out with the old and in with the new. we're not just talking about the fights on the horizon that will include a few familiar faces and washington post ed o'keefe, good afternoon to you, gentlemen. >> gentlem
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